ZKTECO MB-160 Facial Recognition Terminal with Fingerprint Reader

  • $136.96

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Facial Recognition Terminal with Fingerprint Reader, for 1200 Faces and 1500 Fingerprint Templates:

Common Application:

  • Time management and employee assistance.
  • Access Control.


Time & Assistance:

  • ADMS Ready. The MB160 is ready to work with TIMEWEB 2.0, allowing the easy management of employees in remote sites in a centralized way.
  • Verification mode through the face, fingerprint or both combined.
  • Face enrolling directly on the device.
  • Check in and check out records
  • Fingerprint enrolling directly on the device or remotely via software (Requires ZK4000 o ZK7500).

Access Control:

  • Relay output.

  • Alarm output to generate programmed audible alarms.

  • Request to exit button input.

Printer (optional):
Compatible with EPSON and RONGTA serial printers
The ticket format cannot be modified.
It possible to choose which elements will be printed.

  • Company name
  • User ID
  • Name
  • Punch Time
  • Punch State
  • Device ID
  • Print Time
  • Verification Mode


Technical Specifications:

Software Compatibility:

ZKAccess 3.5 (free)

The software can manage Access control and Time & Attendance at the same time, get a basic report for Check-In and Check-Out (For Time & Attendance Terminals up to 1000 employees).

ZKTimeNET 3.0 (Requires License)
- Real-Time monitoring for the employees (Check-In, Check-Out or Not registered yet).
- More than 15 different reports (Transactions, Attendance, Late arrival, Early out, Absence, etc).
- Management for different Shifts, Breaks, etc.
ZKTN3S (500 employees and 50 Terminals)
ZKTN3P (1000 employees and 50 Terminals)
ZKTN3A (2000 employees and 50 Terminals)

- Management software by web browser interface
- Unlimited employees
- Real-time monitoring

ZKTWEB10 (10 devices, valid for 3 years)
ZKTWEB20 (20 devices, valid for 3 years)
ZKTWEB50 (50 devices, valid for 3 years)
ZKTWEB100 (100 devices, valid for 3 years)
ZKTWPRO100 (100 devices, valid for 10 years)
ZKTWPRO200 (200 devices, valid for 10 years)
ZKTWUL (Unlimited devices, valid for 10 years)