Kenwood NX-240 VHF Two Way Radio NEXEDGE Digital

Kenwood NX-240 VHF Two Way Radio NEXEDGE Digital

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NEXEDGE® radios employ NXDN®, an FDMA digital air interface with AMBE+2™ voice coding technology, unique filtering and a 4-level FSK modulation technique with low bit error rate (BER) even at weak RF signal strengths. AMBE+2™ VOCODER technology accurately replicates natural human speech nuances for superior voice quality, even at highway speeds. Additionally, the powerful 36mm-diameter speaker delivers up to 1 watt audio output, providing undeniably clearer and crisper audio. RF output power is 5W for both VHF (NX-240V) and UHF (NX-340U). Additionally, the UHF frequency coverage on the NX-340U is 70MHz. The slim contours and ergonomic design of the NX-240/340 make it comfortable to hold, while the dimples on both sides ensure a firm grip. The NX-240/340 can be used with two conventional zones, offering up to 16 channels per zone. The NX-240/340 is effectively two radios in one – analog and digital – operating on 12.5kHz/25kHz in analog zones, and on 6.25kHz/12kHz NXDN® in digital zones (Ver.02 only). For convenience, a PF key can be used to switch between zones. Digital communications are more spectrum-efficient and offer wider area coverage than analog. Compatible with NEXEDGE® Digital Conventional Mode, this radio offers 64 RAN (Radio Access Numbers) and individual & conference group calling to ensure expeditious communications. Confidentiality in radio communications is a KENWOOD priority, and helping to maintain a high level of security in analog mode is a 16-code voice inversion scrambler, while robust NXDN® encryption is available in digital mode. The optional KMC-48GPS Speaker Microphone will enable GPS tracking applications to work with the NX-240/340. GPS data can be transmitted at programmed timing, or upon receiving a request.  
DIGITAL: • Over-The-Air Alias (TX only) • Paging Call • Individual Call & Conference Group Call • Status Messaging • Remote Monitor* • Site Roaming* • Late Entry • NXDN® ESN
ANALOG: • FleetSync®, MDC-1200, DTMF • QT/DQT/2-tone • Compander • Squelch Level
GENERAL: • Multiple Scan • 4-Color LED (Blue / Red / Green / Orange) • 2 PF Keys • 16-Position Mechanical Selector • Zone / Channel Number Voice Announcement • VOX Ready • Emergency Call • Remote Stun/Kill • Lone Worker Alert (per channel) • Time Out Timer • Busy Channel Lockout • Low Battery Warning • Battery Saver • KPG-169D Windows® FPU • Wireless Cloning • Password Protection • PTT Release Tone • Minimum Volume • Mic Sense • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G • IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion.

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